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We're making the move back to France to open the best b&b in la france profonde

Going home

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Sometimes you just need a kick up the arse to make you realise what’s important and where you should be going.

Last week, I lost my job but, after the initial 5 minute panic and the following couple of days of anger and disillusionment I felt strangely liberated. Losing a job I no longer loved was the opportunity, the kick up the arse, I needed to focus on where I wanted to be.

France – la vie francaise – and how much I loved my 7 years in the back of beyond in a little village between the Loire Valley and Poitiers has always been in the back of my mind. Now it came roaring through to the forefront, waving a tricolore and beckoning seductively with a  well manicured finger.

So the thought of going ‘home’ and running a cycling themed B&B suddenly seems more attractive than ever. This is the start of that process – and it’s going to take a while! – but baby steps still start you on your journey.




One thought on “Going home

  1. Good luck, this sounds like a great adventure!

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