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Iconic or Cliched?

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The header pic I’m using for this blog came from the lovely @rozjones of On The Road cycling tours.  It’s from stage 12 of the 2012 Tour de France, taken just before the Col du Granier.

Roz says “it was taken in Barraux 66.5km into the stage – It was the one that Millar won! Nothing there apart from a bus stop!”

Roz was kind enough to let me use this photo because I was looking for an image of the peloton passing a field of sunflowers. For me, it never grows old – the Tour isn’t the Tour without at least one shot of the peloton strung out like Venetian glass beads against a field of  golden yellow tournesols. It’s either an iconic image or an utter cliche depending on your level of cycling romanticism. For me, Roz has completely captured one of those beautiful moments when the peloton is rolling along, en repos before the day’s baggare commences.

If you’re interested in joining Roz on one of her excellent cycling tours then visit On The Road or follow on twitter @rozjones @OTR_cycling


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