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And The Winner Is….

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Trawling through property pron is definitely a) my top favourite time waster b) absolutely essential and c) horribly confusing.

Therefore, in the spirit of research and a commitment to the democratic process, I invite you to let me know which of the following properties should be top of my ‘go see’ list (NOTE: obviously this is entirely spurious as I’ll be going to see anything and everything I can but I thought it would be fun to find out your thoughts):



Medieval town location

Mentioned in ‘The Blue Bicycle’ – obviously I can see it spruced up with an old bike painted blue with geraniums in the basket (a bit too twee, you think?) propped outside, discreetly noting our establishment

Near the river – how beautiful to see the Gartempe flow past with your morning coffee

8 bedrooms – 8! Including a self contained studio we could rent all year round and a separate wing with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom for visitors


Over budget, therefore not mortgage free

That riverside location – damp, damp, damp + the garden looks interesting (read: odd) + the courtyard looks like the sun might only peek in for about 5 minutes a day

It’s not in the country and I think we’d like the country, near a village/small town



Countryside location on edge of a village – yay!

Sooo much potential – attached barn, separate field with piggeries that are begging to be a shower block

Under budget


Work, work work – some is habitable but there’s a lot to be done

Money – barn conversations and the rest take finance and good workmen



Good location – see farmhouse above

Under budget – again, this works – don’t we all dream of being mortgage free?

Potential, especially for letting long term


Not the prettiest place in the world – I know, I know, it’s cosmetic but first impressions and all that

Is there a market for long term lets i.e. students year round, gite business in the summer?

Can we do the work ourselves

How much land??

So these are the current front runners, pros and cons, warts and beauty spots. I like them all, even the ugly duckling house/cottage. I love/adore/desire the town house but its age and location murmur one tiny, terrifying word in my


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